A quick trip into town!



“It’s just a quick trip into town…..!”

This morning we headed out early to a Christian businessman’s group for a Bible study. As with most days, we were out before 7:00am, and rode the motorcycle the twelve minutes into town. 12 minutes. 12 minutes is not an easy ride in Guatemala, and this morning we decided to orally document the obstacles we faced, recording the short but dangerous journey into town.

The boy, whoever that may be, who rides shotgun on the bike knows what to lookout for. We’ve developed a system of warnings. A “Ho” from me means bump, speed bump, or danger. However, a “Hurrah” from me means we’ve about to hit something or be ready to jump off. A pat on my right side, or on his right leg means, “notice something to the right”. The same is true for the left side. A tap on my back signifies “look at someone ahead” or “remember something important”.

Riding a motorcycle anywhere is an adventure, but in Latin America it’s quite a chore and you have to constantly be watching out for dangers ahead. Remember that when you pray for a missionary’s safety, travel safety even short distances can be quite stressful and dangerous. Here is our log from this morning.

Rolling down hill in front of Youth Ranch Home
Cows in the roadway
Dog chasing on [R]
Other motorcycle passing quickly on [L], no warning
Truck turning into dirt roadway on our side of road
Minivan (bus) passing quickly on [L]
Minivan stops suddenly in lane to pick up passengers
Passing minivan, truck with no lights
Car doesn’t stop when pulling out. Quick brake
Blind curve [L]
Car parked at flat tire repair in curve, in lane
Dog crossing the road, (hard brake)
Stop at red stoplight, car passes on [L] and runs light
Two cars run red light in our direction
Minivan stops in the roadway to pick up passenger w/no warning
Car turns [L] with no warning, hard brake pass on [R]
Truck in roadway in our lane
Backhoe working with tail in our lane
Blind curve [L] with small dirt landslide in our lane
Children crossing the road
Three adults crossing the roadway
Blind curve [R] two stray dogs in roadway
Obstacles in [L] lane, car veers into our lane
Dog in roadway
Two motorcycles merge on highway and don’t give right away
Truck in [R] lane unloading
Two cars in [L] lane blocking lane
Three speed bumps
Truck blocking roadway
Lady crossing roadway, (hard brake)
Dust in roadway raised by car
8 cows in city street
Hole in city street
Water on roadway, no warning
Car in our lane
Car blocking our lane
Car changing tire in our lane
Forced to pass truck on [R]
Dog in street, (hard brake)
Car doesn’t stop at stop sign
People in roadway
Arrive at destination

Now. Our next challenge. We don’t have a Go-Pro so we are going to try to record a trip through town with an iPhone, so you can experience it live!!

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