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One of the tasks that God has given me is to get to “read” young people. Let me explain.

Each week I spend time with young people all across Guatemala. Juvenile courts call, prosecutor’s offices, lawyers, orphanages, and other associations contact me, asking me to sit down with young people. What I do in the time I have with these young people is absolutely not possible, if not for God’s guidance, the Holy Spirit’s speaking, and His gifting in my life.

I’m blessed to spend time with these young people. In a short period of time (literally minutes) I must build rapport and trust, listen carefully to what is important to this person, and ask questions that help to paint a picture of who this young person truly is. Every time I’m going to sit down to interview a young person, I beg God to guide and lead, because there is no way my mind can figure them out with it’s own power.

Why do I do this? I interview and “read” kids because most are terribly lost. They are tormented by secrets and sin. They have suffered unmentionable abuse and are tormented by those around them, many who do not love them or care at all what happens to them. They truly want to know this life means something. They want to have hope and yet they feel so hopeless. They want to sense real joy, but they suffer in deep despair. They have known nothing but lies, and they don’t know who they can truly trust.

So, in the time that I am with them I must somehow show them that I DO KNOW JOY, I HAVE THE KEY TO HOPE, and that I am going to be TOTALLY HONEST with them. Most don’t know what to do with that or how to respond, so I must simply express confidence and COMMUNICATE CLEARLY THAT LIFE CAN BE MUCH BETTER THAN WHAT THEY HAVE EVER KNOWN.

God’s hope, Jesus light, and His perfect plan for their lives must shine through. What I do is like speed dating. You have three minutes to make an impact. What for me is an impossible task, God makes possible in seconds. Sadly, most of the kids I interview I will never see again. Many I cannot help or take home with me. But it is my hope that in the short time I am face to face with them, I will in some way convey HE WHO IS HOPE, HE WHO IS JOY, HE WHO IS THE TRUTH AND THE WAY TO AN ABUNDANT LIFE.


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