About that 041 marker.

Sunday church with some of my boys.
Sunday church with some of my boys.

About passing that 041 marker

I just sped past a mile-marker. Mom says the mile-marker was 041, but it doesn’t feel like it. I really don’t slow down to look at any of those mile-markers. Honestly, I ignore them because staring at them reminds you how old you should feel, not how old you should live. I don’t want to act “over the hill”…..I’d prefer just to look over the next hill. I don’t stop and wander around the mile markers. Some people stick around the date like it’s a national holiday. Some celebrate their aging an entire week, and then begrudgingly crawl as they pass trying to “act their age”. Forget that!

I’m blessed. I live and incredible life and a journey that teaches me so much every day. I’m blessed to father incredible sons. Not many men get to father twenty+ boys, and certainly not sons who can teach me so much about life. Many of my boys have lived so much, suffered so greatly, and “been-there-done-that-and-survived” for so long, you would think they had seen the 041 markers! I laugh uncontrollably most days, and mostly at others. I’d say at points my laughing at the boys is what makes our house so much fun. They are hysterically funny at times, and I am always on the lookout for that next “oh-my-gosh-record-it-for-YouTube” moment. I am challenged daily to love more, forgive more fully, and take on each challenge as a new way to grow in HIM.

My life is not perfect. While traveling the US I must confess that I stand in the hot shower a little longer. I’m amazed that when I turn a shower on…..water comes out willfully. I don’t have to beg, cuss, or pray to get water to come out. And it comes out HOT! I’m so used to fussy lukewarm water I really have a brilliant understanding of what Revelation 3:16 means now. If I could take anything home, it may just be the water……but then TSA would object.

My house has bugs, flies, and other annoying pests (not referring to the boys!) I get used to some of that, but I don’t think I’ll ever find the flies normal or acceptable. We’ve been praying for an improved and safe kitchen. (That would be improved and safer for the boys, not the flies.) Living in an agricultural community brings some interesting challenges. But I’d rather live nowhere else, with all of them boys. They need to grow up on a farm. I think it makes them better. They may not get it today, but when they pass 041 they will be so thankful they did.

I guess what holds me up many days is the fact that I have more friends than flies. I’m blessed with friends galore. Some are normal, but most are odd and hilarious. They give me people to laugh at. Like I laugh at my boys, I travel and laugh at my friends and family. People really are hysterical if you just stop and listen carefully to them. I’m pretty sure God laughs at me, and sometimes HE sets me up to be the blunt of his jokes….pretty sure! But HE loves me and that shows through all the poking and prodding. God loves me enough that HE cares, and HE provides for my every need.

So, zooming past the 041 marker everyone was so helpful in pointing out (thank you very much), I’m blessed and honored to be able to serve HIM. I’m blessed to be a father and have a “cool-enough-for-a-reality series” home that provides me with tons of excitement, more blessings than I deserve, and enough chaos to keep my ADHD exhausted! I am thrilled to be used by God and honored that HE cares enough to laugh at me. I hope that if you are near the 041, or past it, that you feel the same.